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Fire Damage Safety Tips

When a fire breaks out, you might have approximately 2 minutes to escape the place because it spreads like wildfire. A frequent practice of the escaping plan execution can save lots of life during this.

Learn Some Tips to Handle Fire & Smoke Damage

The majority of individuals are clueless when faced with a disaster, such as a fire in their house or work place. It's unexplored ground. Here goes some advice for property owners dealing with the consequences of a fire, no matter how big or little it is.

Fire Damage Tips

1. Safety First

You'll be informed when it is safe to enter the building again by your local fire controller. Hold off until they declare the building to be secure.

2. Take Your Hands Off

Never use bare hands to touch anything that have been burned or smoke damaged. The residue could contain biohazardous pollutants, and your natural hand oils might increase the soot damage.

3. Secondary Expenses

If a fire prevents your house from having a working kitchen or bathroom, your insurance policy will pay for additional costs like hotel accommodations. So, hold onto your receipts!

Important Items to Salvage

4. Items to Recover if Possible

Tax and insurance records, jewels, priceless heirlooms, etc. Your restoration crew can box up more objects for off-site storage while cleaning and rebuilding is taking place.

5. Prepare for Possible Water Damage

Your home may have experienced flooding from fire hoses, leaving behind a damp mess. Along with the actual fire damage, that needs to be minimised.

6. Ask Before Laundering

The residual smells by smoke cannot be eliminated by using ordinary washing process. Learn about the best ways to clean and repair your textile with your restoration business.