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Mold growth at your home or office not only threatens the structural stability issue of the building, but it poses a health threat to humans and can rob you of your peace of mind. To eliminate the issue, you will need mold remediation services from the mold removal experts at Innovative Restorations. For more than a decade, our crews have set the industry standard for mold removal & remediation in Cookeville, Crossville, Lenoir City, Knoxville, Sparta, and throughout our service area in the Upper Cumberland Area of Tennessee.

Our crews follow mold remediation protocols once you have had mold testing for any type of mold including black mold, and offer a wide array of mold removal tips for our customers in the following Tennessee counties: Cumberland, White, Putnam, Fentress, Overton, Pickett, Roane, Jackson, Morgan, and Knox. When you need our help, call 931-546-1155 or click here to make a reservation for mold remediation services ASAP at your property in Tennessee.

Growing Mold in Wall

We Are Your Mold Remediation Experts in Tennessee

At Innovative Restorations, we know that you want a sanitary home or office that is free of mold contamination. In order to do that, you need to turn to our mold remediation experts to get the services that your need. A mold infestation issue will not just go away. You need to call in the mold remediation experts from Innovative Restorations today!

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Trust Our Mold Remediation Process to Eliminate Your Mold Issues in Cookeville, TN

Don't need to make the mistake of thinking you can get rid of a mold infestation by yourself. That will only let the situation get worse. Instead, you can trust the time-tested mold remediation process used by our mold removal technicians at Innovative Restorations. Their efforts will make your property clean & safe again.

Here's How We Do It:

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Removal of Mold
Removal of Mold
Damage Repair if Needed
Damage Repair if Needed

Rely on Us to Eradicate Mold at Your Property in Cookeville, Crossville, & Knoxville

If you discover mold at your home or office in Tennessee and need help on next steps, call us today at 931-546-1155 or click here to make a reservation for services at your property ASAP in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee. Innovative Restorations serves customers in Monterey, Gainesboro, Cookeville, Crossville, or Fairfield Glade.

Mold growth at home

Frequently Asked Questions about Mold Remediation 

1. Why did the mold in my home start to grow?
Mold can develop if your home has a moisture content of 60% or greater. Many property owners find it aggravating because there isn't a pool of water on the floor or leaking from the ceiling. When mold develops, the moisture source is typically buried behind walls or beneath floors.
2. I feel unwell all the time. Am I becoming sick because of the mold in my home?
It might be. You will inhale mold spores into your lungs since they are airborne and tiny. You could have some severe health issues, which might ultimately be caused by mold, based on the type of mold and how effectively your immune system works. A mold remediation firm takes mold removal very seriously because of this. The cleanup team is outfitted with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) throughout the operation, and the mold-affected area is separated and controlled during cleaning to prevent the spores from spreading to other parts of the house.
3. Is it possible to cure mold by bleaching?
Bleach won't truly cure the mold issue on the majority of the surfaces in your house. The iceberg effect is to blame. Typically, just a tiny portion of real mold development is visible. While tile or fiberglass surfaces may be disinfected with bleach, the mold has frequently grown far deeper and bleach cannot destroy mold on absorbent materials like wood. Not because they want to earn more money; mold remediation businesses advise against DIY clean-up because they have found that mold problems are typically far more pervasive than can be visually observed. Cleaning the surfaces might give the impression that the mold has been eliminated, but it will keep returning.
4. Does mold remediation fall under homeowners insurance?
If a "covered peril" like a water heater leak or fire suppression by first responders was the mold source, its cleanup may occasionally be covered. Mold development is frequently a result of gradual water damage, such as that from a leaky pipe or hose, although mold damage is typically not covered by insurance since it may be attributed to carelessness or poor maintenance. If your insurance provider rejects the coverage, you should get a mold remediation company to do an examination so you can prove where the mold came from.

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