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Monday 15 June 2020
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 6:05 AM CST

When you experience water damage, proper drying isn’t the only reason to call in a professional restoration company.  Not all water damages are created equal, and there are different types of water that pose varying risks to your health.  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, an (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 4:56 AM CST

When most people think of fire damage, they think of the flames and smoke and odor associated with the fire.  One thing that often gets forgotten is the ensuing damage from putting out the flames.  Water damage after a fire is incredibly common and should always be properly mitigate (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 11:24 PM CST

No matter what climate you live in or what time of year it is, storms are inevitable. And, the unfortunate fact is, where there are storms, there is storm damage. Storms can cause a huge variety of damage to a property, both exteriorly and interiorly.  (more)

Wednesday 15 April 2020
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 7:44 AM CST

Something is hiding in our homes that we use every day, but rarely give a second thought. That is, we don't think about it until it causes problems – our plumbing. The average household needs approximately 100-120 gallons of water per person per day and has a flow rate of 6-12 gallon (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 2:55 AM CST

You are doing the right thing. You are staying "Safer At Home." But then the unexpected happens. Your pipe bursts and causes a flood. Your attempts at yet another home-cooked meal results in a small kitchen fire.    (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 3:17 AM CST

Basements are notorious for attracting unwanted water.  Because they’re underground and a common location for plumbing, appliances, and utilities, they’re ripe for water damage.  If you find water in your basement, you need to find out where it came from and how to fix it.& (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 12:11 PM CST

As the nation gears up for the potential of a widespread epidemic from a new  Coronavirus , many business owners and facility managers are left wondering – how can I protect myself and the occupants of the building from this infectious disease? What can I do to take steps to help ensur (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 9:39 AM CST

The recent tornadoes that ravaged the Baxter & Cookeville, TN, area left behind a huge path of devastation and extensive damage. As our neighbors continue to clean up after the mess, many are finding more storm damage than they initially suspected. Calling a restoration professional is key t (more)

Saturday 15 February 2020
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 1:06 AM CST

You’ve just made it through a tornado or hurricane or massive snowstorm. The dust has cleared, and you’ve managed to assess the damage to your home. You now find yourself wondering if storm damage is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. The short answer: usually. Most type (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 4:03 PM CST

When Cookeville homeowners find themselves with water damage, they often attempt to remove the water themselves to save some money. However, moisture can be tricky to get rid of. You may not be as dry as you think. A couple of types of materials in the home are notorious for hiding moisture, and (more)