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Sunday 15 August 2021
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 8:34 AM CST

Water damage from toilet malfunctions are something most people don’t think about until it happens to them.  Overflowing toilets can cause major damage, destroying homes and making the property unsafe.  Damage From Toilet Overflows Toilet (more)

Thursday 15 July 2021
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 8:22 AM CST

A flooded basement or crawl space usually happens with zero warning and causes thousands of dollars worth of damage in no time flat.  Water damage is a risk for any home that has a basement or crawl space, even those that are properly built and waterproofed.  This type of damage i (more)

Tuesday 15 June 2021
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 1:33 AM CST

Experiencing water damage in your home or business can be extremely stressful, and most people react by trying to jump to action to clean up the mess immediately.  While it’s crucial to begin mitigating the damage as soon as possible, certain mistakes could cause worse damage to your (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 7:07 AM CST

Following a flood or other water damage, it’s imperative to be able to quickly and accurately assess the extent of the damage to the structure.  For this purpose, restoration professionals use specialized equipment called moisture meters.  A qualified water mitigation technician (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 5:31 AM CST

House fires are a devastating and overwhelming experience.  It can be difficult to know the right steps to take to make sure your home is properly cared for and restored.  Knowing some general dos and don’ts for fire damage restoration can help streamline the process and remove (more)

Monday 15 March 2021
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 5:29 AM CST

Water can be life-giving and helpful in a home, but when unwanted water infiltrates a structure, it can turn dark and destructive.  Water is insidious and sneaky and will creep into every crack and crevice in a home going unnoticed and causing continual problems for long periods.  Hid (more)

Monday 15 February 2021
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 6:38 AM CST

“My house is flooded,” seems like a logical thing to yell frantically through the phone to your insurance agent as water is pouring from the pipe under your sink and spilling across the floor of your kitchen.  Clearly, your kitchen is flooding.  Or is it?  The fact is (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 4:40 AM CST

When you purchase a home, the last thing on your mind is all of the different damage types that it can incur.  When water enters a home, whether from weather, burst pipes, or broken appliances the damage is often extensive and overwhelming.  Water damage left unaddressed can cause a (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 5:29 AM CST

Water damage to your home can be a confusing situation.  You want to get it taken care of immediately to prevent further damage, but you don’t want to actually increase the damage by doing the wrong thing.  Repair and reconstruction of damaged areas of your home cannot take plac (more)

Sunday 15 November 2020
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 8:09 AM CST

TS Eliot’s poem The Hollow Men famously ends with the lines, “this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.”  And while a water damage to your home isn’t the end of the world, it can be devastating and often follows the path of the poem causing dam (more)