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Posted by: Innovative Restorations 3:17 AM CST

Basements are notorious for attracting unwanted water.  Because they’re underground and a common location for plumbing, appliances, and utilities, they’re ripe for water damage.  If you find water in your basement, you need to find out where it came from and how to fix it.& (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 12:11 PM CST

As the nation gears up for the potential of a widespread epidemic from a new  Coronavirus , many business owners and facility managers are left wondering – how can I protect myself and the occupants of the building from this infectious disease? What can I do to take steps to help ensur (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 9:39 AM CST

The recent tornadoes that ravaged the Baxter & Cookeville, TN, area left behind a huge path of devastation and extensive damage. As our neighbors continue to clean up after the mess, many are finding more storm damage than they initially suspected. Calling a restoration professional is key t (more)

Saturday 15 February 2020
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 1:06 AM CST

You’ve just made it through a tornado or hurricane or massive snowstorm. The dust has cleared, and you’ve managed to assess the damage to your home. You now find yourself wondering if storm damage is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. The short answer: usually. Most type (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 4:03 PM CST

When Cookeville homeowners find themselves with water damage, they often attempt to remove the water themselves to save some money. However, moisture can be tricky to get rid of. You may not be as dry as you think. A couple of types of materials in the home are notorious for hiding moisture, and (more)

Wednesday 15 January 2020
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 7:36 AM CST

The holidays are over. You’ve clambered into the attic to store all the decorations and knick-knacks away for another year. It smells mustier than you remember. You pull the cord for the light, and there it is:  something is growing up here. It’s covering the rafters and (more)

Sunday 15 December 2019
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 7:39 PM CST

With the winter season fast approaching,  the entire nation has to prepare the home for harsh, colder temperatures. Freezing or near freezing temperatures can lead to an array of household issues, most of which are easily avoidable with the appropr (more)

Friday 15 November 2019
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 3:59 PM CST

A structural fire is a disaster at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays.  Unfortunately, this time of year is prime time for house fires.  Between frying turkeys, dried out Christmas trees, and burning candles, there are numerous extra fire risks involved in the hol (more)

Tuesday 15 October 2019
Posted by: Innovative Restorations 11:39 AM CST

You’ve experienced a fire or water damage in your home.  Your house is still standing, everyone is safe, and restoration is underway.  Don’t forget about your furry (or scaly or feathery) companions. Do you know what to do with your pets in the event of a loss (more)

Posted by: Innovative Restorations 8:00 AM CST

Most homeowners and renters know they need to have insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, most don’t know what their policy covers or doesn’t cover as is usually the case.  From drainage issues to mold to who is responsible for the extra utility bills during the loss, many ins (more)