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Water & Fire Damage Restoration in Livingston

For more than a decade, the proven professionals at Innovative Restorations have provided comprehensive restoration and remodeling services for customers in Livingston and throughout the Upper Cumberland Area in Tennessee. Some of the most popular services we provide for customers in Livingston include:

Our crews serve homeowners & business owners in the following Tennessee counties: Cumberland, White, Putnam, Fentress, Overton, Pickett, Roane, Jackson, Morgan, and Knox. When you need services for fire damage restoration, crawl space repair & waterproofing, board-up services, commercial cleaning & sanitizing services, or a wide array of bathroom & home remodeling services, our crews can clean, restore, and upgrade the look of your property in Livingston.

When you need our help with your water damage mitigation, crawl space encapsulation, or kitchen remodel, give us a call at 931-546-1155 or click here to make a reservation for services today at your property in Livingston.

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Since 2009, our crews have set the industry standard for restoration & remodeling services in  Livingston and throughout the Upper Cumberland Area in Tennessee. Our IICRC-certified technicians have a wide variety of skills and handle multiple tasks, from fire damage restoration to kitchen remodeling and everything in between. When you need our help at your home or office in Livingston, be sure and give us a call at 931-546-1155 or click here to make a reservation for services today at your property in Tennessee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to all of my wet belongings?
If the water damage involves Category 1 water (clean and free of microbes and bacteria), many of your personal belongings can be salvaged. Category 2 water would include other water sources, including rainwater, that, while not containing biohazards or sewage, still pose health risks and the potential for destructive microbial growth and mold. A water damage restoration technician will help you sort through the contents of the property to determine what can be safely dried, what can be restored by a textile/contents technician, and what can't be saved or salvaged. There are off-site facilities in the area that specialize in restoring water-damaged contents. Your restoration team will document all of the contents leaving the property for restoration or disposal for your records and also for reimbursement from your insurance company.
Does bleach kill mold?
For the majority of surfaces in your home, bleach won't actually get rid of your mold problem. It's the "iceberg effect." Visible mold is usually a small percentage of the actual amount of mold growth. Bleach can't kill mold on porous surfaces like wood, and while tile or fiberglass surfaces can be cleaned with bleach, often the mold has spread far deeper. The reason why mold remediation companies don't recommend DIY cleanup isn't that they want to make more money; they know, in their experience, that a mold problem is usually far more invasive than can be seen with the naked eye. Simply cleaning the surfaces can provide false assurances that you got rid of the mold, only to have it come back time and time again.
Is fire damage covered by insurance?
Most often, yes. You'll need to check your specific policy for the full scope of coverage, but in general, if the damage was caused by a flame, it's covered. Your best bet is to hire a professional damage restoration company, such as [company,data=name], to help you through the claims process. We know how to avoid some common missteps when it comes to making sure the entire loss is documented and covered. Many homeowners and insurance companies forget, for instance, to consider that your HVAC system will need to be cleaned of soot, and, since fires are extinguished using water, many areas of your home may need to be restored due to water damage even if they weren't directly affected by the fire.
What Is the Electric Cost of Running a Dehumidifier in the Crawl Space?
Comparatively, it is less than running a small refrigerator.

Real Client Needs in Livingston

Allen G.
Date: June 20th, 2023

I had gone on vacation for 2 weeks and when I came back, I found my home has been flooded from a hot water heater leak. I need a water removal and a restoration service.

Completed Jobs from Livingston

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March 14, 2024 | Livingston, TN

A pipe burst in the laundry room and flooded the whole house, including the crawl space. We removed all the flooring throughout the house and extracted water from the floors. Then we set up drying equipment throughout and monitored the moisture readings. We dried out the crawlspace and ensured that everything is dry to prevent mold from growing. We billed the homeowner's insurance company.

July 07, 2022 | Livingston, TN

A water line behind the stove in the wall broke and affected the pantry, adjacent room and basement. We took moisture readings to determine how far the water spread, then removed necessary drywall and flooring and cleaned up debris. We then set up drying equipment in the kitchen, pantry, office and basement. We billed the homeowners insurance, saving them out of pocket expenses.

October 27, 2022 | Livingston, TN

The ice machine in the fridge leaked down into the basement. We extracted the standing water downstairs, then removed the flooring so we could dry out the floor underneath. We cleaned up debris where the ceiling had fallen down then we set up drying equipment like dehumidifiers and air dryers to complete the drying out process. Upstairs, we extracted water from the flooring and set up dehumidifiers, ensuring there was no moisture left. We billed their insurance company for the work, saving them thousands of out of pocket expenses.

January 02, 2023 | Livingston, TN

We received an emergency response call on Christmas Eve that the customers bathroom pipe burst due to freezing temperatures, causing the ceiling to collapse into the guest room downstairs and leaked into the crawlspace. We removed the ceiling downstairs to fix the broken pipes and cleaned up all wet, damaged drywall and insulation. We placed drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air blowers in the bathroom, bedroom and crawlspace to speed the drying process which will ensure that the customer will have a dry, clean and healthy environment free of mold and rot or decay that will cause future damage. We billed their insurance carrier for the work saving them thousands of out of pocket expenses.

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September 08, 2022

Mold is a nasty problem. Did you know that in the old testament bible God gave the Israelites a way to treat mold? (Leviticus 14, go check it out!) Back then you might call the priests the mold remediators of the time.

September 08, 2022

Only a good agent will ask good questions to understand your specific needs and make sure they are providing good well-rounded coverage for you and not leaving gaps in coverage.