Full-service Soot Damage Removal in Jackson County Tennessee

Expert Soot Damage Removal Services in Jackson County Tennessee

When smoke occurs in your home, it leaves behind not only odors, but also a silty residue called soot. The soot damage can wreak havoc in ways you might not realize. It can float into your air ducts and settle there out of sight. You might not notice until you turn your furnace or A/C unit on. Suddenly, your entire house is now covered in the soot from the initial fire, even areas of the home that weren't previously affected by the fire and smoke damage. Count on professional restoration technicians at Innovative Restorations to make sure your home gets completely back to normal after a fire. They'll know to check for soot in your air duct registers and can clean them properly so you aren't left with a big mess on your hands after you thought everything was clean again. 

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