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Refrigerator Leak Cleanup Services in Cookeville, TN

When there is a leak in your refrigerator system, it can cause water to spread all over the area. This water might end up damaging your floors and furniture. If you're facing a situation that is similar to this, cleaning up the entire area would be a good idea.

If you're looking for highly experienced professionals who can clean up your entire area to prevent damage to your wooden floors, Innovative Restorations is always a great option for you. We provide water damage restoration and water cleanup services in CookevilleCrossvilleLenoir City & other cities in Tennessee County.

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Common Reasons behind Refrigerator Leaks

leaked refrierator
  • Block in the Water Line: There are some refrigerators that have a water line inside them, which is used to supply cold water. This cold water might also be used in making ice. Sometimes, this water line gets blocked and this might cause your refrigerators to keep leaking water.
  • Defrost Drain Blockage: The primary function of a defrost drain is to keep your fridge secured from freezing. If some debris or food particles gather in there, it causes the defrost drains to get clogged and blocked. A clogged defrost drain can cause the fridge to be leaking water and cause water damage to your floors.
  • Positional Imbalance Refrigerators are made in a way that is best positioned if set in a slightly high place. If it is placed in a completely flat position, water might start leaking because of the positional imbalance.

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If you're a resident of CookevilleCrossvilleLenoir City, or any of our other service areas, call us whenever you have water that needs to be cleaned up on an urgent basis. Our water damage restoration crews have been assisting the residents of Tennessee County since 2009. With our certified experts, you can always be sure that the best cleanup services will be provided to you.

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