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Water Extraction and Removal Service in Cookeville, TN

Water damage is a common and potentially devastating problem for homeowners. Water damage can be a result of a natural event or a man-made event. No matter how frustrating it is, if the water is on your property, it must be removed immediately to prevent irreparable damage.

To help you remove unwanted water from your property, we offer superior water extraction services. If you contact Innovative Restorations, you can rest assured that your entire home will be thoroughly dried out. Our service region includes Cookeville, Crossville, KnoxvilleSparta, and more. You can reach us at 931-546-1155 or use our online form in the event of a water damage emergency.

Some Benefits of Water Extraction Services

Extraction of water includes getting rid of any standing water or dampness in the walls, ceiling, floors, and basement of your home. The major purpose of water extraction is to avoid future damage while also lowering secondary problems, such as fungal and mold growth. However, water extraction involves more than merely washing away water and drying up the contents of your home. It involves removing non-visible water and subsurface moisture as well.

home water extraction

To get the best results, it's best to have water extraction done by experts. Some benefits of professional water extraction services are:

  • Reduce persistent odors.
  • Stop mildew and mold from multiplying.
  • Get rid of the wetness that you can't see.
  • Avoid destroying the structure or the contents.
  • Avoid irreversible harm to expensive possessions.
  • Rapid water removal is possible with the right tools.

Trust Innovative Restorations for Faster Water Extraction Service

Innovative Restorations has IICRC-certified technicians who offer effective water damage restoration services including emergency water extraction service. If you have flood damage and need assistance immediately, give us a call at 931-546-1155 or click here to schedule our services online. We also offer water damagestorm damage, and other restoration services at an affordable price.

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Crossville, TN

The shower leaked in the upstairs bathroom, which leaked into the porch below. Moisture readings in the bathroom floor all were high. We dried out the floor with drying equipment and set up air dryers and dehumidifiers on the porch to dry out the cei...

Silver Point, TN

A frozen waterline in the basement affected the kitchen upstairs and bedroom and bathroom downstairs. We extracted water from the kitchen and basement, removed the flooring in the kitchen and other affected areas. We removed wet, damaged drywall and ...

Maryville, TN

There was a hole in a copper pipe and flooded the garage and got the drywall wet. We removed all wet, damaged drywall and ceiling and found mold in some places. We treated the mold and finished the drying out process with dehumidifiers and air dryers...

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