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Warping of The Walls Due to Water Damage

Warping of the walls is a common scenario when your walls are damaged by water. The drywall and surrounding structures absorb water, and excess moisture and cause them to warp or bend. You might also notice discoloration on the surface as well as paint that is peeling off or flaking.

In such scenarios, it is essential to locate the reason behind the water damage and remediate it. A licensed water damage company can provide significant help.

What Might Cause Walls to Warp?

Water damage from:

  • Pipes that run behind the walls
  • Appliances that are affixed to walls
  • Storms or heavy rain

My Walls Are Warping. Is It a Serious Issue?

Your walls warp due to the weight of the water it absorbs. The walls might appear to have caved in, or swollen. Whether a large area is affected or a small one, the issue needs to be addressed immediately. Under unfortunate circumstances, the structural integrity may give away and end up injuring family members.

Call a professional water damage company in your local area like Innovative Restorations to find the issue causing the damage and repair the affected areas.

Other Problems That May Appear

If your walls are warping, water damage is the number one cause to consider. However, water damage not only causes your walls to warp but induce more problems such as stains on the wall, and encourages mold growth. While stains may be harmless, mold is not. They may appear as black, green, and white patches on the surface. They degrade the indoor air quality, causing illness in your family as well as further damaging the structure it grows on.

What May Be The Solution?

If you are residing in Crossville, Hilham, Rockwood, Baxter, or other nearby areas in Tennessee, the most convenient solution is to call Innovative Restorations. We have been serving homeowners and business owners since 2009. We provide restoration for warping walls, water-damaged drywalls, and mold infestations as well. When you need our help, call us at 931-546-1155 or click here to contact us online.