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Warped Walls Caused By Water Damage

Warped walls are a common scenario when your walls sustain water damage. Drywall and surrounding structures absorb water and excess moisture, causing them to warp or bend. You might also notice discoloration on the surface, as well as peeling or flaking paint.

In such scenarios, it's essential to locate the reason behind your water damage and contact a professional water mitigation provider such as Innovative Restorations. A licensed water damage provider will help significantly.

Worker removing damaged wall

Reasons Walls Are Likely to Warp

These sources of water damage are likely to cause warped walls:

  • Pipe breaks behind walls
  • Leaking appliances affixed to walls
  • Floods from storms or heavy rain
  • Roof or attic leaks
Damage wooden wall pipe

Are Warped Walls a Serious Issue? Yes.

Walls can warp due to the weight of the water absorbed. They can appear caved in or swollen. Whether it's a large or small affected area, the issue should be addressed immediately. Given time, structural integrity can give away and cause a hazardous or dangerous situation.

If walls appear warped, moist, spongy or water damaged, contact Tennessee's most professional water damage restoration provider, Innovative Restorations. We'll identify the issue causing your warped walls and other water damage, and perform superior cleanup and restoration.

Warping of the wall damage

In Addition to Warped Walls...

For warped walls, water damage is likely a top consideration. But water damage also causes wall discoloration or stains, and encourages mold growth. Stains might be harmless, mold isn't. These areas can appear as black, green, and white patches on surfaces and degrade indoor air quality. They can induce illness and breathing issues, as well as leave widespread structural damage.

What May Be The Solution?

Homeowners in Crossville, Hilham, Rockwood, Baxter, or throughout our TN service area can rely on Innovative Restorations to restore water damage that includes warped walls. We have served Tennessee customers since 2009. Warped walls, water-damaged drywall, and mold growth are all specialties of our skilled, certified team members. For assistance with warped walls or other water damage, call us today at 931-546-1155 or contact us online learn more and schedule an appointment with one of our Innovative team members.

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