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If young children or elderly family members reside in your home, installing carpet in the bathroom can provide an extra layer of assurance against potential slips and falls. It also increases the appearance and comfort of your bathroom. Soft and fluffy carpets can be the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom.

Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations offers the best solution to beautify your bathroom floors with the best carpets. Complete your bathroom remodeling project today in Alcoa, Oak Ridge, Cookeville, Maryville, and other cities we serve with our certified experts.

Are Bathroom Carpets Waterproof?

The primary concern with bathroom carpets is their vulnerability to water damage. Most carpets aren't waterproof by default and may get damaged with too much water. However, if we add a special waterproof backing, they can resist water and protect the floor.

The experts at Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations identify the best carpets to keep your floor safe from water. We have been in this industry since 2009 with quality products and services.

Are Bathroom Carpets Comfortable to Your Feet?

Putting a carpet in your bathroom gives a warm and luxurious feeling when you walk on it. It's better to choose a carpet made for bathrooms with a short pile and a waterproof layer, instead of the thickest one, to avoid some issues. In addition to comfort, a rug can enhance the elegance of your bathroom.

Tips for Installing Carpet in Your Bathroom

If you want to install a carpet on your bathroom floor, you should consider the following things.

  • Use Synthetic Materials
  • Use Low Pile Carpeting
  • Install a Waterproof Subfloor
  • Tile the Wettest Areas
  • Use the Best Adhesives
  • No Carpet Beneath the Tub

What Makes Us Different for Bathroom Remodeling?

With thousands of remodeling companies around you, it is tough to choose the correct one for you. The following qualities of Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations will help you choose us without any hesitation:

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