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Knoxville & Nashville Bathroom Window Company

To remodel your bathroom, turn to Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations. Our experts can help you select the perfect design, whether you are seeking a complete renovation or new bathroom windows. Give us a call at . for more information.

Installing or Replacing Bathroom Windows

When remodeling your bathroom, update windows to match the new appearance. Luxury Bath professionals ensure error-free installation.

Natural Light, Comfort & Privacy

We offer a wide range of window sizes that cater to your lighting needs. Our windows let in natural light, making your space more open and airy. At the same time, we understand how crucial privacy is, so we also provide various options to keep your privacy intact while letting in sufficient natural light. We offer:

  • Frosted Glass
  • Top-down/Bottom-up Shades
  • Decorative Window Films
  • High-Set Windows

Bathroom Remodeling in Tennessee

We can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and comfortable space in just one day! Our team at Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations can handle everything from walls and floors to fixtures, cabinets, windows, bathtubs, and showers.

Let us transform your bathroom with our comprehensive remodeling service, covering every aspect of your bathroom and delivering exquisite results:

Professional Installation of Bathroom Windows

Enhance your bathroom's functionality and aesthetic appeal with professional bathroom window replacement or installation from Luxury Bath by Innovative Restorations. We serve in Crossville, Rockwood, Knoxville, Sparta, & more areas in our Tennessee service area. Call us now to get a free quote for your bathroom window installation.