Mold is a nasty problem. Did you know that in the old testament bible God gave the Israelites a way to treat mold? (Leviticus 14, go check it out!) Back then you might call the priests the mold remediators of the time.

Mold causes approximately 73 billion dollars! A lot of that is not insured by your homeowners' insurance and you are left to pay out of pocket.

Here Are Some Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Home or Office

1) Control humidity – indoor humidity should be between 40-60% to prevent mold. Anything above 60% can cause mold growth on organic materials like leather, wood & cotton. If your HVAC system is oversized it won't run long enough in the summer to reduce the humidity, it will simply kick on and bring the temperature down but not control the other aspect it's designed for. Random fact, sometimes our biggest discomfort is just humidity, not temperature.

2) Water intrusion – Water intrusion in today's building designs isn't good. When water gets in if it's not properly cleaned up and the structure back to normal moisture content, mold and rot can happen. Mold is nature's way of removing trash, without mold the leaves would be so deep we couldn't walk out our front door! Water in your basement or crawlspace can create big issues. So watch for gutters that are terminating right at the foundation, gutters that are leaking or spilling over, (it may be time to clean those gutters out).

3) Plumbing leaks – Most water damages are preventable by good maintenance. Change the hoses and washers on your washing machine every 3-5 years. Change the hoses on your sinks and toilets at the same time.

4) Water heaters are often not maintained properly, every year they should be drained, tankless should be serviced and descaled. And when the warranty is up, you should replace them! The design is a science and they are not made to last past the warranty!

5) Close your windows and doors and run the HVAC more. I know it's not a popular opinion with everyone. It's nice to have the windows open and the breeze blow in, but that can contribute to high humidity in the home.

6) Bonus: Turn on the bathroom fan while showering and leave it on after you leave the bathroom with the door open. This will allow all the added humidity to leave and not create mold in your bathroom! Additionally, you can squeegee the walls of the shower down and clean the shower more often to prevent issues in there.

I hope these will be helpful. If you need us for mold we would be happy to look at your situation and see if we can help!

We offer a couple of financing options as well with 90 days interest-free or low monthly payments for those jobs that aren't insured.