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Knoxville & Cookeville Vapor Barrier Company

Vapor barriers can also be used as moisture barriers. Typically, these are polyethylene sheets are installed in the crawl space to keep moisture out in order to protect the property. That is because the sidewalls of your crawl space are significantly affected by temperature & moisture imbalances. However, vapor barriers may be used anywhere and for a variety of reasons, as part of our moisture control services to create a dry, healthy environment at your home or office in Tennessee.

When you install vapor barriers in your home or office, the moisture control experts from Innovative Restorations will provide a stress-free experience that provides long-lasting results for your property in Knoxville, Cookeville, or other cities within our service area. To learn more, give us a call or click here to make a reservation online.

Benefits of Vapor Barriers by Innovative Restorations for Your Property

A vapor barrier is a type of insulation technique that prevents moisture from getting into your home or office through the floor, crawl space, ceiling, or roof. The benefits of installing a vapor barrier from Innovative Restorations include:

  • Keep maintaining the optimum indoor temperature
  • Stabilizing the soil
  • Keep mold from growing
  • Safeguards the water and gas pipes
  • Minimizes pressure buildup in crawl space
  • Protects materials prone to rust

Let Us Install Your Vapor Barrier

Our IICRC-certified technicians have spent years working diligently to protect homes, offices, and commercial properties throughout our Tennessee services area from the ravages of high humidity and rampant water damage. Our top-notch array of moisture control services includes dehumidification, crawl space encapsulation, vapor barrier installation, and more. To learn more about our high-quality services for moisture control, call. You can also click here to make a reservation for services ASAP at your property in Cookeville, Knoxville, and other cities throughout the Upper Cumberland Area of Tennessee.