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Roofs protect us from sunlight, snow, rain, wind, and other natural extremes. It is an essential part of a residence. But it can get damaged by the same conditions that it saves us from. When damaged, water might leak through your roof and cause water damage to your property's structural integrity and eventually cause mold infection. Structural damage restoration can be an expensive service, but you can avoid it if you call Innovative Restorations for storm damage restoration from roof leaks.

We provide restoration services for storm damage across Cookeville. Other than this, we also provide restoration services for water damage, storm damage, mold damage, and many more. 

People from Cookeville, Crossville, Sparta, Monterey, and many more areas put their trust in us. You can also call us or contact us online for more information. Our certified experts will reach out to you shortly.

Signs of Storm Damage on Your Roof

When a storm damages your roof, it leaves some signs. The signs that will help you-

  • Damaged or missing shingles: Strong wind can tear shingles from your roof. Strong winds cause shingles to shred, peel, or lift from roofs, while hailstorm damage frequently leaves cracks, dents, or holes as well. You can easily see them from the ground, and often materials scatter into pieces around your property. 
  • Granule Debris: Usually there is a thin layer of granule put on the asphalt shingles to protect your house against UV rays. Granule loss of a moderate quantity over time is usual but in stormy weather, it is different. Particularly hailstorms cause severe damage to granules that are easily visible from the ground.
  • Damaged gutter system: It is advised to check around the roof system like the gutter system because the roof doesn't get damaged alone. If the gutter system gets damaged, water may be stored on the roof causing water damage. You can easily sense that something is wrong.

Believe in The Best Restoration Services in Cookeville

Innovative Restorations provides experienced professionals across Cookeville. They will provide a free inspection and cost-effective services. Our main motto is to restore your storm-damaged roof to its pre-loss state. It is our job to ensure that you can live under a proper roof. Call us or contact us online.