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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Fire Damage Restoration

The aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming. During such a time of crisis, we would like to offer a few tips and information that may be helpful. Remember that you are not alone when disaster strikes. We are qualified and trained in providing an evaluation of the proper steps it will take to effectively restore a structure, which has survived a fire. As a family-owned restoration company Innovative Restorations has the skills it takes to initiate water and smoke mitigation. You can have the confidence in our experience that we can handle the remodeling construction as well.

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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Crossville, TN

Smoke Damage Cleanup

Smoke damage can be an overwhelming task to clean up. We know that when it happens you are on high stress. We could help ease that stress by letting you know your home and belongings can be restored to their former state.

Soot clean up is not just as easy as cleaning up. It gets everywhere and sometimes the places to clean haven't even been thought of.

Then there is the odor to remove, and it IS possible to get that odor out of your clothing, contents and home with the right equipment.

Soot Damage Restoration

When smoke occurs in your home, it leaves behind not only odors, but also a silty residue called soot. The soot damage can wreak havoc in ways you might not realize. It can float into your air ducts and settle there out of sight. You might not notice until you turn your furnace or A/C unit on. Suddenly, your entire house is now covered in the soot from the initial fire, even areas of the home that weren't previously affected by the fire and smoke damage. Count on professional restoration technicians from Innovative Restorations to make sure your home gets completely back to normal after a fire. They'll know to check for soot in your air duct registers and can clean them properly so you aren't left with a big mess on your hands after you thought everything was clean again.

Smoke Damage Cleanup and Odor Removal in Crossville, TN

Fire, Soot and Smoke Damage Cleanup and Repair Tips

Every situation is unique, but here is what you should do after the fire is put out:

  • Schedule for us to come to access the damages.
  • Contact a furnace technician if your furnace has malfunctioned.
  • Make arrangements for housing if damage is severe.
  • Exhaust smoke by opening windows. (weather permitting)
  • Remove any pets and plants if necessary.
  • Empty refrigerators and freezers if electricity is off and prop doors open to allow circulation.
  • Put a thin film of Vaseline on metal surfaces to protect it until cleaned.
  • See the list below regarding valuables and your important items.
  • Photograph damages as you inspect your premises.

  • DO NOT wipe or attempt to clean fire residue from walls, ceilings, or absorbent surfaces.
  • DO NOT eat or consume any food or beverages that have been exposed to contamination. Let us advise.
  • DO NOT hire a non-certified or non-accredited restoration company.
  • DO NOT live in the dwelling if the damage is too severe and safety is an issue.

To be able to effectively determine the degree of damage done by the water damage, Innovative Restorations has specialized moisture inspection meters and thermal imaging cameras to gauge the damage incurred. As we're working through the recovery process, we will:

  • We can board up of windows, roof and structural damaged areas to prevent further loss from weather related conditions and intruders.
  • Firemen bring water. We have the equipment necessary to extract the gallons of water left behind.
  • We have the technical skill to remove loose smoke particles from upholstery, draperies and carpeting throughout the structure.
  • Our services can include the washing of your structure's contents wherever soot is present.
  • Odor removal is a process. We suggest having us start immediately to minimize the burnt smells and damage.
  • Submit our written estimate to both you and the insurance adjuster. We will be your advocate for contents and structural work necessary.

This is ultimately your decision. You should consider all safety issues, odors, electricity, noise from equipment, etc. If you are vacating your premises for any length of time, consider the following: forward your mail to your temporary residence, stop newspaper and other deliveries, notify utility company, cable company, etc. regarding temporary suspension of services. We have generators, if electrical wiring was subject to fire and water damage.

Leaving the premises? Be sure to keep these items with you:

  • Cash
  • Checkbooks
  • Medications
  • Personal Documents
  • Pets
  • Electronics: computer, laptops, chargers, etc...
  • Weapons/Ammunition
  • Valuable Collections (stamps, coins, jewelry)
  • Valuable Paintings


Be very discerning when dealing with food. Throw out any food if it is burnt or if it does not have an air-tight seal. If it's been exposed to heat, smoke or soot. In addition, do not use any canned foods if the can has bulged, is badly dented or has rusted.

You can keep refrigerated food if your refrigerator was not damaged in the fire. Your refrigerator will keep cold for 4 hours if it is well sealed. In case that the power was turned off during the fire and the refrigerator was turned off for more than 4 hours, discard the food.

Medicines and Cosmetics

Inspect medicines and cosmetics carefully to make sure that they are clean of soot, dust, and all other chemicals that might have been in use to extinguish the fire. Discard medicines and cosmetics if contamination is suspected. Pre-opened items should be replaced. A child proof lid does not guarantee an air-tight seal.

Clothing and Textiles

Typically clothing and textiles (linens, towels, etc) can often be cleaned and disinfected. Discard these materials only if burnt. Keep records of discarded items. (snapshots and written list) Be extra cautious with baby and children clothes.


All other content can be reused after they are well cleaned and disinfected, dust and soot free. Inquire to us, should you have questions or concerns.

Fire Damage or Smoke Odor Problems? Simple Solution!

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We offer financing options to fit every budget. Ask about our financing options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's never a quick fix, though we've gathered together a multi-discipline team of contractors and disaster restoration technicians to work in tandem to complete the work as soon as possible. From structural repairs to sand/soda-blasting to odor removal to contents cleaning, our fire damage restoration crew begins as soon as the project scope is determined, and we don't stop until the job is done and both you and the insurance company are satisfied with the results.

Most often, yes. You'll need to check your specific policy for the full scope of coverage, but in general, if the damage was caused by a flame, it's covered. Your best bet is to hire a professional damage restoration company, such as Innovative Restorations, to help you through the claims process. We know how to avoid some common missteps when it comes to making sure the entire loss is documented and covered. Many homeowners and insurance companies forget, for instance, to consider that your HVAC system will need to be cleaned of soot, and, since fires are extinguished using water, many areas of your home may need to be restored due to water damage even if they weren't directly affected by the fire.

Depending on the extent or location of the fire damage, some homeowners can move back in a few days or longer. The fire department will usually turn off electricity and gas to the property right away, and that won't be restored until a building inspector says that it's safe to turn those utilities back on. If you experienced significant smoke damage and the home's occupants include elderly persons, young children, or those with chronic health conditions, it may be wise to stay until the smoke cleanup is complete. Contracting with a damage restoration company experienced in fire damage repair can often get you back home sooner because they'll have the resources to hire and manage the many tradespeople who will need to work together to make the home liveable again. One perk of hiring Innovative Restorations is our guarantee to you and your family! When you hire Crossville Office for damage restoration, if we can't keep you in your home or your home is otherwise uncomfortable, and you have to go stay in a hotel, the first night is on us! Click here to read the rest of our customer guarantee.

DIY soot removal is not recommended. Commercially available products can actually cause permanent damage to surfaces. Soot itself is primarily oil-based, but that residue also contains toxic, possibly biohazard contaminants.

Smoke damage is rarely limited to one area of the house, and it leaves behind a residue that can hide in crevices and out-of-reach areas, and a simple "airing out" may not be sufficient. We recommend consulting with a smoke damage technician who can help you troubleshoot the next steps.

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